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ACVAA 2011 News

Introducing 2011 New ACVA Diplomates

Added 30 Sep 2011

The ACVA is pleased to welcome the following new diplomates:

Jordyn Boesch, DVM, DACVA

DVM from Cornell
Anesthesia Residency at Cornell
University of Illinois

Alexander Bukoski, DVM, PhD, DACVA

DVM from Virginia-Maryland
PhD from the University of Virginia
Anesthesia Residency at Florida
University of Missouri

Amandeep Chohan, DVM, MS, DACVA

DVM from Punjab Agricultural University, India
Anesthesia Residency at WSU

Jon Congdon DVM, MS, DACVA

DVM from Colorado
Anesthesia Residency at Colorado
Private Specialty practice in Wisconsin

Kristen Messenger DVM, DACVA

Anesthesia Residency at NCSU
PhD in pharmacology at NCSU

Yukari Miyaki BVSc, DACVA

BVSc from University of Sydney
Anesthesia Residency at Colorado
James Cook University

Juan Pavez DVM, DACVA

Lic Med Vet from Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
Anesthesia Residency at Davis

Carrie Schroeder DVM, DACVA

DVM from Wisconsin
Anesthesia Residency at Wisconsin

Paulo Steagall MV, PhD, DACVA

MV from Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
MS from Sao Paulo State University
PhD from Sao Paulo State University/University of Saskatchewan
Anesthesia Residency at Wisconsin & Guelph

Ashley Wiese DVM, MS, DACVA

DVM from The Ohio State University
Residency at Davis
PhD at UC San Diego

2011 Abstract Award Winners

Added 29 Sep 2011

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2011 SmithsMedical/SurgiVet Resident Abstract Awards.

First Place

Ashley Wiese (UCD)

Abstract title: "Cardiovascular effects of dopamine and phenylepherine administration during isoflurane-induced hypotension in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy"

Honorable Mentions

Jon Congdon (CSU)

Abstract title: "Effect of psoas compartment femoral nerve block and parasacral sciatic nerve block in dogs presenting for pelvic limb amputation"

Sabrina Reilly (UT)

Abstract title: "Fentanyl decreases sevoflurane minimum alveolar concentration preventing motor movement (MACNM) in dogs without evidence of acute tolerance"

Pfizer Animal Health Voluntary Recall

Added 20 Sep 2011

Pfizer Animal Health voluntarily recalls two lots of Antisedan (atipamezole hydrochloride) and Dexdomitor (dexmedetomidine hydrochloride)

MADISON, New Jersey, Sept. 16, 2011 - Pfizer Animal Health is voluntarily recalling one lot each of Antisedan® (atipamezole hydrochloride) Sterile Injectable Solution and Dexdomitor® (dexmedetomidine hydrochloride) Sterile Injectable Solution after it was determined that some of these products may contain foreign particles. The foreign particles originate from a glass vial manufacturing defect. Antisedan and Dexdomitor are products used in dogs and cats. The affected lots are:

  • Lot 1399276 of Antisedan (expiration: 03-2014)
  • Lot 1391999 of Dexdomitor (expiration: 01-2014)

A scientific assessment has determined that use of affected lots of Dexdomitor intravenously could potentially result in serious adverse health consequences. The risk for serious adverse health consequences with Antisedan and Dexdomitor used intramuscularly is small.

As a result of this assessment, Pfizer and its manufacturing partner Orion Corporation immediately decided to implement the recall. That effort includes contacting known purchasers of these two product lots and providing instructions and support for immediately returning the product to Pfizer. Pfizer and Orion, working together, have determined the cause of the defect and are taking appropriate corrective action.

Customers with questions about the recall should contact Pfizer's Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support (VMIPS) group at 800-366-5288.

Thiopental and the ACVA

Added 04 Apr 2011

Based on concerns expressed by our members, the ACVA Board of Directors recently sent a letter to the FDA* urging them to take action to ensure continued thiopental availability in the U.S. Copies have been sent to AVMA, ASA, and Abbott Animal Health, as well.
* 70kB Word document

ACVA Foundation Scholarships

Added 04 Jan 2011

The ACVA Foundation is pleased to accept applications for two travel scholarships for residents (up to $500 each). To apply please send completed application* and required attachments to
* 20kB Word document