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List of ACVAA-Endorsed Certificate Programs

- European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) Principles of small Animal Anesthesia and Perioperative Analgesia Program for Veterinary Nurses, Tierklinik Neandertal, Haan, Germany; Bernd Driessen, DVM, PhD, DACVAA, DECVPT (course master)

- Veterinary Regional Anesthesia Bootcamp, Matthew Read, DVM, DACVAA (course master)

- Unione Italiana Societa Veterinarie (UNISVET) Executive Master Course in Small Animal Anesthesiology for Practitioners, Milan, Italy; Chiara Adami, DVM, PhD, DACVAA, DECVAA (course master)

Certificate Course in Principles Techniques of Small Animal Anesthesia, Preoperative Analgesia and Critical Patient Care-- ACVAA & AVTAA Endorsed & RACE -Approved Program for Veterinary Technicians -- for information and to register -please visit :
The cause has been renewed through 2023. For North America see:
For EUROPE it is:

Certificate course :Equine Anesthesia, Analgesia & Perioperative Care (Anästhesie, Analgesie & Perioperative
Versorgung beim Pferd) -A Continued Education Program for Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses in 3 modules . This course will be offered in Europe and North America in 2019. For information for Veterinarians: :
for Veterinary nurses, technicians: